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Leveraging Oracle Mobile Application Designer to Empower Your Organization

Bhavik Patel, Peloton Group

There is increasing organizational pressures to deliver information to users when and where they need it. As departmental solutions are proliferating and causing more and more confusion, it becomes more difficult to deliver targeted BI content that is accurate and timely. Oracle Mobile Application Designer solves these problems by allowing both IT and Business counterparts to leverage a solid BI foundation to empower business users to deliver purpose built applications with ease to the users that need them.

Introduction and Update: Oracle Hyperion Tax Solutions

Jim Springer, Oracle

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision is a new product that meets data and process challenges faced by corporate tax departments. It is a first-of-its-kind tax reporting solution that integrates directly with the broader financial reporting process. With access to financial data and processes, you can build an effective, efficient, and transparent tax function based on Oracle Hyperion Financial Management technology. This session provides an overview of this application and an update on new and planned functionality, including a sneak preview of the new Oracle Transfer Pricing application.

Profitability Management in Retail

Mark McNeela, Alvarez & Marsal

Leveraging HPCM to become a Profit-Focused Enterprise (PFE)™

The business objective of retail organizations is to make a profit, but it’s often difficult to assign accountability and responsibility for each component of the profit picture. At what point do delivery problems, shelf stocking issues, or out of stock items for key customer product inquiries become part of the performance discussion? In order to embrace profitability as a core theme in management discussions, organizations need supporting solutions to collaborate on and make decisions about how to improve profitability. In recent Oracle sponsored research, 75% of respondents indicated they currently perform some level of product profitability reporting, and two thirds of respondents indicated an intended move towards customer profitability analysis. In this webinar, learn how Hyperion Profitability Cost Management (HPCM) transforms traditional accounting information into strategic and tactical profit and loss statements, facilitates the rapid identification of actionable insights based on profit performance in the target profit cluster, and drives business performance by benchmarking the drivers of cost and profitability and empowering decision makers to improve resource alignment.

Master Data Governance: Implementing a Framework for Application Harmonization

Eric Wagner, CheckPoint, LLC

Governance of master data in the organization is a crucial cog in the wheel. From daily ERP processing to final reporting submission, master data literally touches every aspect of an organizations record to report process. This session will discuss the process for implementing a complete MDM solution that manages master data and achieves harmonization.

Achieving Excellence in Consolidations with Hyperion Financial Management

Jim Fisherkeller, Alvarez & Marsal

How we implemented Hyperion Financial Management that resulted in a state of the art close transformation process. In this session we will answer how process management changes resulted in a shorter close life cycle while establishing better analytical capabilities throughout the organization. We will also focus on how we eliminated numerous manual processes by incorporating the inherent system capabilities to achieve a more efficient accurate auditable close processes.

Best Practices for Deploying Oracle Hyperion Planning and Budget Solution

Praveen Kumar, Application Software Technology (AST) Corporation

Today’s government agencies are facing significant financial and budgetary pressure and Human resource cost is a significant part. So it is imperative for government agencies to identify, project and monitor position cost accurately. Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting helps government agencies in streamlining budgeting process, improving accuracy, increasing collaboration and reducing budget preparation time. This presentation will discuss key challenges, critical factor for success and budget book

Best Practices for Implementing HFM and Hyperion Planning in Conjunction with OBIEE and EBS

Lawrence Chaifetz, Preston Meeder, and Rick Perez, Deloitte

With the acquisition of Hyperion by Oracle and the integration of the Enterprise Performance suite in the Oracle stack, it is becoming more common to implement Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) and Hyperion Planning (HP) injunction with OBIEE and eBS. The need to work alongside with broader ERP and BI team has become paramount to successfully design and implement HFM and HP. The purpose of this presentation is to facilitate information on best practices for implementing the EPM Suite.

Introduction and Update: Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite

Rich Wilkie, Oracle

Many of the world’s largest organizations rely on Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite to meet their complex and ever-changing financial and nonfinancial reporting requirements while also lowering the cost of compliance and delivering an unprecedented level of data quality. This session will familiarize attendees with Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite, provide an update on new functionality and discuss streamlining their monthly, quarterly, and annual financial consolidation, reporting, and filing processes.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Oracle Hyperion and in 1 Hour or Less

Tracy McMullen, interRel Consulting

This session will cover the new features available in Essbase, Planning, DRM, HFM, and HPCM from a real-world “how would I use that in my business?” perspective. In addition to covering some of the key product improvements in and important integrations with OBIEE, we’ll discuss the new applications in including Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition, Hyperion Tax Provisioning, and Hyperion Data Relationship Governance. By the end, you’ll want to upgrade to

Oracle Hyperion EPM Applications on Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Nigel Youell, Oracle

The Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine (Exalytics) is engineered to support the business analytics and enterprise performance management (EPM) needs of today’s businesses. Oracle’s EPM system deployed on Exalytics delivers unparalleled capacity, performance, scalability, a much lower TCO compared to traditional systems and takes EPM beyond the IT constraints of today. This session provides an overview of Oracle EPM applications on the Exalytics, customer examples, and an update on new and planned functionality. Calculation Manager: New Features and Best Practices

Eric Barnhart, Vertical Edge Consulting Group

Hyperion Calculation Manager is an extremely powerful tool one can leverage to accomplish a myriad of tasks. From simple calculation scripts to extremely complex rulesets, calculation manager is built for one stop shop for all your calculation needs. This presentation will demonstrate the new features of the release as well as best practices when using the tool. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the powerful calculation manager toolset and best practices utilized by experienced consultants.

Learn From My Mistakes: Common Pitfalls To Avoid in Your Oracle Hyperion Planning Implementation

Courtney Foster, interRel Consulting

One of the biggest investments a company can make is in their decision to implement Oracle Planning as their new budgeting and forecasting system. Every company who chooses to make this investment goes in with the same goals in mind: have a successful implementation where the project is completed on-time and within budget; all business requirements are satisfied; the system is flawless and your end users are happy with the rollout of a new system. Some call this the best case scenario…others refer to it as fantasyland. Join us so that we may share with you some lessons learned and to help you avoid common pitfalls when implementing Oracle Planning for your company. Though no one can guarantee that a project won’t have any hiccups, avoiding these common mistakes will help you get closer towards Planning utopia.

The Top 5 Reasons DRM Will Add Value to Your Master Data Management Process

Kate Jarrat, Linium

Metadata updates can be processed in a number of ways with a number of tools, what makes Data Relationship Management worthy of the hefty price tag? This session will highlight the top 5 DRM features that will add value to your master data management process; including transaction audits, what-if-analysis, multi-system integration, metadata validation, and automation. The cherry on top? DRM’s new Data Relationship Governance module that provides workflow and approval management to the metadata update process.

A Mobile Strategy for Oracle EPM

Alexander Ladd, MindStream Analytics

This session will focus on Oracle’s current mobile strategy with a review of what exists today from Oracle as well as an update on Oracle’s current mobile strategy and roadmap. In addition, we will explore a few third party software options that are built to work with Oracle’s EPM tools on a mobile platform.

Hyperion Planning Approvals: “Out-of-the-Box” and Other Custom-Built Methods

Deanna Sunde, The Hackett Group

The Hyperion Planning Approval Process will be demonstrated in this session and its functionality will be compared and contrasted to the previous Workflow functionality. The use of task list functionality will also be shown, as well as other custom-built methods to more easily track approvals using Hyperion Planning forms. Examples of using Hyperion Financial Reporting to report on entities/departments that are complete/incomplete will also be demonstrated.

How to Turn New Recruits Into Oracle EPM Infrastructure Gurus

Nick King, Google Inc.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management requires a knowledgeable team to provide production support due to its criticality. Typically skill levels in the team vary as resources are pulled from other areas or are required to support multiple services. Consequently, the need for infrastructure training is a recurring theme in an organization. This presentation demonstrates Oracle EPM architecture in a way to fully engage new support staff. It includes getting started with EPM modules, logs, SSL, and troubleshooting.

Introduction and Update: Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Financial Planning Suite

Shankar Viswanathan

Today, effective plans need to connect the organizational value chain in an integrated manner. Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Financial Planning Suite enables organizations to link their strategic, financial, and operational plans to achieve both the vertical and horizontal alignment this requires. This session will familiarize attendees with Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Financial Planning Suite, provide an update on new functionality and discuss improving planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes.

SaaS? Cloud? Exalytics? On-Premise? Exploring Oracle EPM Deployment Options

Eric Helmer, ADI Strategies

The new 11.1.2 Fusion edition of Oracle EPM brings many new features and functionally and options for deployment. Weather it is Oracle Cloud, SaaS, Exalytics, or in-house systems, Oracle ACE director Eric Helmer walks though best practices and considerations to make your journey to Fusion painless by choosing the right deployment scenario for you.